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Is an Open-Source Java Application Server, that specializes in Enterprise RAD(Rapid Application Development), we do for Enterprise Development what Ruby on Rails did for applications, make it quick and easy.

Dipforge is also quick and easy to install and provides a WebIDE, this means once installation is complete either in a public or private cloud, development for you and your team can start immediately. No need to setup complex environments on developer machines, or maintain them, simply point your browser at Dipforge and start working. Changes made via the Web IDE are visible immediately, no complex compile cycles, simply write and test.

The Enterprise RAD framework provided by Dipforge is implemented using a Model Driven approach that is coupled with an ESB(Enterprise Service Bus). This means that all changes to the data Model information are pushed through the ESB, dramatical simplify integration and interoperability between systems. Because of this approach it is very simply to implement an Enterprise Canonical Model using Dipforge, and as the system is dynamic, changes to the model are none braking and can be made at any stage.

Further more Dipforge is based on a daemon framework similar to OSGI, which makes developing Daemons or Services quick and easy. This framework is integrated with the J2EE environment which makes interact seamless.

Model driven Data

Dynanic, Flexible, Model driven approach

Integrated ESB

Data Model changes drive the integrated ESB


Deploy traditional Spring and J2EE applications

Distributed Graph

Dipforge provides a distributed master slave graph. This is what the RAD environment reads and writes to.