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Dipforge is quick and easy to install, and the basic concept are as follows:

  1. Download  the installer
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Setup by clicking a button.
  4. Start developing.

As it is a web platform you and your team can develop together in a public or private cloud, and can do so in minutes.



The cloud version of dipforge is setup for small machines with 2gig’s of ram. This is perfect for small cloud servers.

download cloud


The standard version of dipforge is setup for machines with 8gig’s of ram. It is great for local development and for cloud servers with 8 gigs of ram or bigger.

download standard


The enterprise version of dipforge is setup for machines with 32 gig’s of ram.

download enterprise


The datacenter version of dipforge is setup for machines with 64 gig’s of ram.

download datacenter


Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Mac OSX

Unsupported Platforms

  • Windows (Dipforge will run on windows but it has to be started as admin and some tweaking of the run.bat file may be required.)


  1. Download Dipforge installer.
  2. Execute installer either by double clicking on the file or running the following command
    #java -jar dipforge-installer-<version>.jar
    The installer will launch a GUI if possible, otherwise it will run headless via the command line.
  3. Answer the simple questions to match your configuration. Be careful to take note of the admin password you will need it to login to Dipforge later.
  4. Run dipforge from the command line
    # cd <install directory>/bin
    # ./run.bat
    unix or linux
    # ./
  5. Running dipforge as an Ubuntu service.
    Copy the Dipforge service configuration script to the init directory
    # sudo cp <dipforge install dir>/bin/dipforge.conf /etc/init/
    Start the Dipforge service.
    # sudo service dipforge start

Once Dipforge is running it can be accessed through a web browser on a default port 8080. The url will look like the following on localhost


If not on localhost than replace localhost with the host name of the server Dipforge is running on. Once Dipforge splash screen is up follow these instructions:

  1. Click on sign in link
  2. On the login screen enter the following
    username: admin
    password: [the password supplied during installation]
    click signin
  3. Wait for the desktop to load.
  4. Launch the setup application, this application setups the base installation.
  5. Run the setup by clicking on the setup link in the application.
  6. Once setup has been completed the social feed application will run and it will be possible to add users to the system.
  7. Final step start developing by using the Web IDE application also available through the Desktop.

Running Dipforge

Once the build has completed Dipforge can be started. An executable version of the server configured for the environment is built in a sub directory of project called release. To run the server follow these steps.

  1. cd release/dipforge/bin
  2. On Linux or Unix sudo ./  On Windows run.bat

Access Dipforge

When Dipforge has started it exposes itself on port 8080. Accessing the frontend is thus as simple as open a connection from your browser to that port on the box running the instance. The URL will thus look like the following “http://{hostname}:8080/”.

Your browser will present you with a simple page providing links to the Dipforge desktop, an example site and the dipforge