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Along with the a focus on Rapid Application development for Enterprises Dipforge provides a traditional J2EE application server that integrates seamlessly with the RAD framework and daemon framework. 

J2EE and Spring Applications

Spring and J2EE applications

Dipforge provides a traditional J2EE Application Server, enabling Spring and J2EE applications to run along side and take advantage of Dipforge technologies. This means being able to access the ESB, RDF Stores, Asycn RPC(Remote Procedure Call) messages, service broker and others.

Daemon Development

Daemon Development

Dipforge provides the ability to implement Daemons. The daemons are bound into JNDI and can stop and start threads. The threads started by the Daemons are associated with users which means they can interact with container boundaries and access secured resources.

Daemons can act as backend services or as business objects. They can implement simple stateless type interfaces or provide complex factory object interfaces. This makes it possible to define and implement a complex API's using the daemon framework provided by Dipforge.